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Class 7 - Chemistry-Chapter-1: Language of Chemistry

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About the program

Chapter 1: Language of Chemistry In this chapter, students will explore the essential components of the language of chemistry. They will begin by understanding the significance of a chemical symbol, which serves as a concise and universal representation of elements and compounds. Following this, students will learn the guidelines for correctly writing these symbols, emphasizing the importance of appropriately using uppercase and lowercase letters. The chapter will delve into the significance of valency, explaining how it indicates an element's ability to combine with others to form compounds and introduce the concept of variable valency, highlighting that some elements can exhibit different valencies in various chemical contexts. Students will also identify negatively charged electronegative ions that attract electrons in a compound. Finally, they will master the CRISS-CROSS METHOD, a systematic approach for writing the chemical formula of a compound by balancing the valencies of the involved elements. Through these topics, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the foundational language used in chemistry.


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