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Good to Great Teachers - Teacher Empowerment Program to lead 21st Century schools


The Velociity Teacher Empowerment program began at St.Joseph High School, Adilabad "Good to Great Teachers - Teacher Empowerment Program to lead 21st Century schools" in association with Velociity Educational Solutions and Future Dots.

This groundbreaking event equipped educators with the knowledge, skills, and mindsets necessary to lead 21st-century schools. Let's delve into the sessions and themes that unfolded during this empowering program.

The program had different sessions with focused themes and Objectives

Great Teachers in Action - What Do We See, Hear, and Feel?

In the morning session, teachers gathered to discuss the characteristics of great teachers. Led by facilitator George, participants explored the defining knowledge, skillsets, and mindsets that contribute to greatness in teaching. This session also sparked a thought-provoking discussion on whether great teachers are born or made.

Growth Mindset: Shaping Actions and Driving Success

Following a refreshing tea break, the program delved into the concept of the growth mindset. Facilitator Pramod shared the inspiring story of Teddy Stallard, emphasizing how mindset shapes actions and the power of the Pygmalion effect. The participants learned about the differences between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset, and strategies were shared to develop a growth mindset in oneself and others.

Effective Classroom Management - Part 1 & Part 2

The knowledge and skills segment of the program commenced with part 1 of Effective Classroom Management. Primary and high school teachers engaged with facilitators Pavan and Pramod, respectively, to understand the definition and significance of classroom management. They were introduced to ten highly effective strategies to establish a conducive learning environment. After a well-deserved lunch break, the program continued with part 2, where teachers reflected on their learnings and engaged in peer-to-peer discussions.

21st-Century Skills, Classrooms, and the Role of the Teacher

In this session, facilitators Pavan and George guided teachers through exploring 21st-century skills and their crucial role in today's rapidly changing world. Participants discussed how classrooms and schools should be designed to foster these skills. The session prompted teachers to reflect on their own transformation and identify strategies for developing 21st-century skills in their students.

Reflection and Closing Ceremony

The final session, conducted by facilitator Pramod, served as a platform for reflection. Teachers shared their insights and takeaways from the program, engaging in thoughtful discussions. This closing ceremony was a moment to celebrate the growth and empowerment achieved throughout the day.

In short, The Velociity Teacher Empowerment Program in Adilabad was a remarkable initiative that brought together educators dedicated to enhancing their teaching practices. From exploring the characteristics of great teachers to developing a growth mindset and mastering effective classroom management, participants embraced the transformative power of education. The program also emphasized the importance of 21st-century skills and the role of teachers in shaping the classrooms of the future. With their newfound knowledge and inspiration, these teachers are poised to lead the way in creating impactful learning environments. Velociity's commitment to empowering educators is genuinely paving the path to excellence in 21st-century education.

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