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PTA Meeting and Empowerment Sessions

Parents Teachers Meeting Held at Little Flower school Miryalaguda.

Little Flower School in Miryalaguda, Hyderabad organized an Empowerment session and a seminar on "Learning difficulties post COVID and remedies" for parents after the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) meeting. The session aimed to empower parents with knowledge and skills to support their children's growth and development, and the seminar provided insights on how the pandemic has affected learning and practical tips for parents to help their children overcome difficulties.

The session highlighted the school's holistic learning experience that includes academics, sports, cultural activities, and community service. The seminar was presented by a renowned educational psychologist and was interactive, allowing parents to ask questions and seek clarifications.

The Empowerment session and seminar were informative and beneficial to parents who attended. They learned how to support their children's learning at home, create a conducive learning environment, and use technology to enhance learning.

Overall, the session demonstrated the school's commitment to providing a supportive learning experience for its students and parents.

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