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A Glimpse of Telangana Cultural Heritage | Sharada Vidhyalaya

Science and Heritage Festival at Sharada High School, Hyderabad: A Celebration of Knowledge and Culture

On November 18th, Sharada High School, Hyderabad, hosted a unique festival that brought together two seemingly disparate disciplines - science and heritage. The Science and Heritage Festival was a part of the school's centenary celebrations and aimed to highlight the importance of scientific knowledge and cultural heritage in today's world.

The festival was inaugurated by a distinguished panel of guests, including Sri G Srinivasa Rao, Group Director, NRSC; Dr. D. Ashok, IAS; Dr. Md. Akhtar Ali, Joint Director, Osmania University; Mr. Dharmender, District Science Officer; Mr. Raghunandan, Director, Indian Planetary Society; Dr. Ashok Babu Kunta, MD, CCIB (UK); and Dr. Raj Narayana Mudraj, President, Telangana Citizens Council, Mr. PVK Raman, CEO Velociity Educational Solutions and Mr. Gopinath IIT Books content writer.

The festival featured a range of activities and exhibits that showcased the intersection of science and heritage in various ways. The students and teachers of the school had put up an impressive display of projects, models, and presentations that highlighted the scientific achievements of Telangana and its rich cultural heritage.

One of the main attractions of the festival was the science exhibition, which featured projects on topics such as space exploration, robotics, renewable energy, and environmental conservation. The students designed and built working models of solar cars, wind turbines, and other innovative technologies that showcased their understanding of scientific principles and their application in real-life scenarios.

In addition to the science exhibition, there were displays of traditional art forms, music, dance performances, and demonstrations of traditional crafts and skills. Visitors could learn about the history and significance of various Telangana festivals, such as Bathukamma and Bonalu, and witness live demonstrations of traditional cooking techniques and folk arts.

The festival also included a series of lectures and workshops conducted by experts in various fields. These sessions provided visitors with an opportunity to learn about topics such as astronomy, climate change, and sustainable development from experienced professionals.

One of the festival's highlights was the panel discussion on "Science and Heritage: Confluence or Conflict?" This thought-provoking session brought together eminent personalities from various fields to discuss the relationship between science and heritage and how they can complement each other in modern society.

The festival concluded with a valedictory function, where prizes were distributed to the winners of various competitions held during the day. The chief guest for the occasion was Dr. T. Vijaya Kumar, renowned scientist, and former Director, of NSTL, DRDO.

PVK Raman, CEO Velociity

Feeling Fortunate to Participate in the Inauguration of the Science and Heritage Festival in Sharada High School, Hyderabad, today. Part of the centenary celebrations of the school along with Sri G Srinivasa Rao Group director NRSC, Dr D Ashok IAS, Dr. Md Akthar Ali, Joint Director Osmania University,Mr Darmender District Science Officer Mr Raghunandan, Director Indian Planetary Society, Dr. Ashok babu kunta MD CCIB (UK) and Dr Raj Narayana Mudraj, president, Telangana citizens council. The students and teachers arranged a wonderful exhibition of the science and heritage of Telangana. The students are very well groomed. I feel happy to be part of the program in such a great school which was established 100 years back with the motto of educating girls.

Overall, the Science and Heritage Festival at Sharada High School, Hyderabad, was a resounding success. It provided a unique platform for students, teachers, and members of the public to come together and explore the intersections of science and heritage. By celebrating these two aspects of human knowledge and culture, the festival served as a reminder of the importance of preserving our past while embracing the future.

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