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Velociity Teachers Orientation program | Geethanjali Group of Schools


Teacher Orientation Program at Geethanjali Group of Schools, Prakasham District

As a part of our mission to revolutionize the education system, Velociity Educational Solutions recently conducted a prestigious teacher orientation program at Geethanjali Group of Schools in the Prakasham District. The program aimed to enhance the teaching experience for the children by providing comprehensive training to the teachers.

The program was led by Mr. Vijay, who has extensive experience in educational research and development. He emphasized the importance of adopting advanced concepts and technologies in teaching to make it more engaging and effective. Mr. Gopinath, a renowned mathematician, took the lead in conducting sessions on mathematics, while Mr. Antony, a physics expert, handled the sessions on physics.

The program focused on equipping the teachers with innovative techniques and tools to make learning fun and interactive for the students. The sessions included hands-on activities, group discussions, and multimedia presentations, which helped the teachers to understand the concepts better. The program also covered topics such as lesson planning, classroom management, and assessment methods to help teachers create an effective learning environment.

At Velociity, we believe that teachers are the backbone of any educational institution, and their professional development is crucial to improving the quality of education. Our goal is to empower teachers with cutting-edge knowledge and skills that can help them deliver high-quality education to their students. We are committed to transforming conventional teaching methods and introducing new approaches that promote critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving abilities among students.

We received positive feedback from the participants, who found the program informative and useful. They appreciated the efforts made by Velociity to provide them with valuable resources and support. One of the participating teachers said, "The program was excellent, and I learned many new things that I can apply in my classes. It was great to have experts like Mr. Gopinath and Mr. Antony share their insights." Another teacher added, "Velociity's initiative is commendable, and I look forward to attending more programs like this."

In conclusion, the teacher orientation program at Geethanjali Group of Schools was a grand success, and we hope to continue our journey toward creating a brighter future for education. We thank the school management and the teachers for their cooperation and enthusiasm. With programs like these, we strive to bridge the gap between traditional teaching methods and modern learning practices, ultimately benefiting the students who deserve the best education possible.

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