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Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders: Insights from the 'What's Next' Orientation Program| Velociity


In an inspiring gathering that unfolded at Father's Model High School Main Branch, Hyderabad, the 'What's Next' orientation program, a joint initiative by Velociity Educational Solutions and Future Dots in collaboration with VCS Entreprises, illuminated the path for high school students towards a brighter future. The event witnessed an assembly of distinguished speakers and educators, each sharing invaluable insights and wisdom, guiding the budding minds toward success and self-discovery.

Keynote Speakers Illuminate Pathways to Success

Mr. Pavan, Co-founder of Future Dots, captivated the audience by delving into the realms of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and future career prospects. Encouraging students to explore the opportunities that lie ahead, he highlighted the importance of knowledge enhancement, time management, and building strong fundamentals. "Dreams come true when you work hard for them," he echoed, instilling a sense of determination in the attentive students.

Following suit, Mr. PVK Raman, CEO and Director of Velociity IIT Foundations, shared four poignant reflections on life's challenges and problem-solving. "One who faces challenges always succeeds," he emphasized, shedding light on the significance of perseverance and problem-solving skills in today's competitive world. Stressing the importance of mathematics and problem-solving abilities, his speech left a lasting impact on eager listeners.

Dr. Sanjuktha Naidu, a talented young doctor, focused attention on the importance of Model UN (United Nations) in schools. Speaking about its impact on students' global understanding, communication skills, and problem-solving approaches, she highlighted the significance of seeking solutions and understanding international laws and mechanisms.

Quotes that Resonated

"Dreams become true when you work hard for them." - Mr. Pavan
"One who faces challenges always succeeds." - Mr. PVK Raman
"Every problem needs a solution." - Dr. Sanjuktha Naidu

Principal's Guidance and Organizational Contributions

The event was hosted by the school's correspondent, Ravalika, who encouraged students to embrace their strengths, promising a new dawn. Principal M Padma's guidance boosted student confidence in public speaking and communication. Representing VCS Entreprises, Mrs. Charulatha and Teja provided valuable support, contributing to the event's success.

In essence, the 'What's Next' program was an insightful journey, fostering learning, resilience, and a deeper understanding of the opportunities that await diligent and determined young minds.

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