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Velociity Celebrates Pre-Ramadan with Sri Balaji High School!


Velociity recently embraced the spirit of Ramadan by participating in a pre-Ramadan celebration at Sri Balaji High School, Markapuram, Andhra Pradesh. Our CEO, PVK Raman, delivered a powerful message to the students, highlighting the importance of sharing, a fundamental principle of the Holy Quran.

Mr. Raman's address went beyond material possessions. He urged the students to actively share knowledge and skills with their classmates. He emphasized a profound truth: knowledge is unique in that it multiplies when shared. The act of giving itself fosters immense personal growth, often benefiting the giver even more than the receiver.

The program was presided over by the esteemed Principal, Mr. Masthan.

This heartwarming event at Sri Balaji High School provided a perfect prelude to the holy month of Ramadan. Velociity cherishes the opportunity to connect with the community and celebrate the importance of sharing and learning.

Sharing is Growing: A Key Message

Mr. Raman's message resonated deeply. He emphasized that, unlike money or food, knowledge flourishes when shared. He encouraged the students to form study groups, fostering a collaborative learning environment. By discussing and learning together, students can not only solidify their own understanding but also gain valuable insights from their peers.

A Celebration of Community and Learning

The pre-Ramadan celebration at Sri Balaji High School was a beautiful reminder of the power of sharing and community. Velociity's participation in this event reflects our commitment to fostering knowledge and creating a positive impact in the communities we serve.

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